MobiMaestro Integration Specialist

Location: Gouda
Education level: HBO
Contract time: Full-time

A creative, patient and resilient problem solver

Getting different systems and protocols to communicate – that is your great strength. You’re a persistent person. Something you tried didn’t work? If there is no solution, you create one. You’re enthusiastic and are happy to share your knowledge and experience with others. You’re always there for colleagues, users and clients who come to you for assistance, tips and advice. 

Your job as an Integration Specialist

As an Integration Specialist, you’ll be playing a leading role in the implementations of our traffic management platform MobiMaestro. MobiMaestro is the market leader in the Netherlands and is also being used in the Nordic countries and the US. It has a wide range of functions and a modular structure. In local implementations (often traffic control centers), MobiMaestro is connected to various different roadside and back-end systems, including traffic light controllers (traffic lights), highway information systems, moveable bridges and tunnel control installations.

You will be our MobiMaestro specialists’ right-hand person and will ensure that communication between MobiMaestro and the connected systems runs smoothly. In doing so, you will have to deal with all kinds of divergent protocols that aren’t always streamlined or standardized. Your job is to set up the application server, configure the modules and, if necessary, prepare the data migration.  

In addition to integration support, you offer support and advice to technical and commercial colleagues. You support the client’s power users, fix malfunctions and reply to their queries. These queries are often complex, because most MobiMaestro users know the day-to-day functioning of their system really well. Your expertise and excellent communication skills allow you to switch easily between talking to users – mostly traffic managers – and the technical specialists in the client’s and Technolution’s IT departments. You enjoy giving regular training sessions both internally and externally.

“Understanding systems and making sure they work without a glitch. That’s what it’s all about.” John, MobiMaestro specialist

Typically you

You have

  • The ability to think and work at HBO level (higher professional education)
  • At least five years’ work experience
  • Knowledge of and experience with the implementation and integration of large applications
  • Experience with communication protocols and data migrations
  • Knowledge of and experience with Linux
  • Knowledge of Docker, SQL and scripting
  • Affinity with mobility and/or traffic management

You have broad technical expertise and a lot of experience as an integration specialist. You have the drive and ability to quickly get to know a large modular platform, both functionally and technically. You’re a fast worker with many different tools and languages.

You are:

  • Solution-focused
  • Quality-conscious
  • Creative
  • Communicative
  • A good team player

Your job is to ensure that the system does what it’s supposed to do, even if this requires new or unorthodox solutions. You understand the wishes and expectations of your colleagues and clients and are able to explain complex issues calmly and clearly. You like to share your knowledge and experience with others.

Typically us

Everything breathes technology at Technolution. With our 200 technical professionals, we have been realizing high-grade software and electronics for clients in the mobility, energy, industry, security and high-tech sectors for more than 30 years. A passion for technology, ownership and reliability are our core values.  

We can be brief about our working conditions: they’re really good. The loyalty of our employees is the best proof there is. More than 50 of our colleagues have been with us for more than 12.5 years.

Working as an Integration Specialist in short

  • Implementing and integrating multidimensional solutions for traffic management
  • A lot of variation in your daily work
  • Close collaboration with technical colleagues and clients
  • Working with highly trained technical colleagues
  • A quick application procedure


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