PrimeCross cross domain solution

Exchanging information between networks at different security levels (cross-domain) without effort, securely and in a controlled fashion. That is what PrimeCross does. Cross-domain connections are currently not always possible, because it is costly and time-consuming to build them securely and robustly. This is the case, for instance, for exchanging information between networks at different classification levels (for example NLD Secret and unclassified) and networks from different domains (for example NATO Secret and NLD Secret). Each link has its own conditions for when information may be exchanged.

A user-friendly domain separation is a reliably domain separation

Many cross-domain connections are ad hoc. Often the exchange is done manually through some mobile data carrier (USB key or CD-ROM) or through connections that are built specifically for the application. But building specific solutions is a complicated and laborious process.

PrimeCross changes this by offering a streamlined way to make cross-domain connections. With this platform, you can quickly create secure connections between networks at different security levels. Needless to say, PrimeCross has been approved by the National Communications Security Agency (NBV) for the classification level NLD Secret. All you have to do is add the rules that apply to the connection. It works, regardless of whether your connection is between networks with unequal classification levels (for instance, Secret and Confidential) or from different domains (for instance NATO Secret and NLD Secret). PrimeCross saves you time and money.

Evaluated and certified cross domain solution

Each network has its own specific protocols and rules for exchange of information. Cross-domain connections are therefore by definition customized, as all required elements (both hardware and software) must be evaluated for each case. PrimeCross takes care of much of this development and evaluation procedure. PrimeCross offers you an evaluated and certified platform for application-specific cross-domain connections that can be deployed generically in a wide range of different situations, applications and networks. In addition, PrimeCross has extensive options for management and monitoring the connections.

Define all application-level policies yourself

PrimeCross gives you maximum control over your cross-domain policy, the confidentiality and integrity of your networks. Checks on information in- and outflow are carried out by policies that operate at application level – and not at the level of IP packages, as is often the case with firewall-style solutions. PrimeCross first reconstructs the information and then applies a filter. This method makes it possible to verify and validate information at application level. The solution, therefore, is not only very flexible, but also much more secure than mainstream security technologies. It is no coincidence that PrimeCross has been authorized for use at the highest classification level.

Because PrimeCross offers you a trusted platform that can be very quickly adjusted to your specific applications, you have time to concentrate on the organizational question what rules (or policies) you want to apply to cross-domain connections.

If you wish, you can define and program these yourself: no great technological expertise is required to do this. Evaluation is only required for approval of the filters.

Specifications PrimeCross

PrimeCross is a widely applicable platform that can be used in data centers, but also embedded in vehicles and remote stations. Thanks to its flexible architecture, PrimeCross can be customized with minor adjustments to a wide range of use cases.

Classification: from Unclassified up to and including Secret

Form factor: datacenter (19’’ encasing) or embedded

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