Systems engineering

The development of complex electronic systems is almost always a multidisciplinary process. Technolution Advance is able to support you because we understand the various domains in the data processing chain, including analog electronics, digital electronics, onboard processing and external processing. Through carefully considered systems engineering and system integration we help you realize the best solution for your technological challenges.

Understanding the whole system

System integration means to understand the context and to have an overview of the system. Systems engineering breaks down the complexity of the system into isolated building blocks. What functionality should be implemented where? Which components are logically required, and how do they interact with other components? Where is data generated, transported and processed? Aspects of physics, such as heat generation, electromagnetic radiation and vibrations may also play a role.

Looking beyond borders

In collaborating with other parties, our engineers pay a lot of attention to the challenges that partners in the project are facing. We strive to achieve mutual understanding, and our focus is always firmly fixed on the desired end result.

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