IIoT security

If you design industrial equipment, you are also creating online functionalities. For instance, to monitor maintenance status remotely, or to enable automatic updates of operating software for users. Many online applications are possible. But online access to your equipment also brings security risks with it. Technolution Perform can offer you the expertise and the knowledge that are needed to secure the online aspects of your products: IIoT security

The entire chain

Online functionalities can be used at various points in the chain. Every online implementation has its own specific security risks. To give a few examples:

  • manipulation of the equipment or data by unauthorized external parties;
  • tampering with production statistics and/or maintenance programs;
  • copying of intellectual property.

Technolution Perform works with you to inventory these risks. Then we realize a security solution that covers the risks as thoroughly as possible. These kinds of solutions are always tailor-made and are optimally finetuned to your specific requirements and wishes. We work together with you to successfully implement your security solution in the entire chain. If it is to be effective, security has to harmonize with the rest of the organization. Therefore, in addition to the technical development and implementation, we look in detail at the accompanying security procedures and protocols within your organization. The result is a complete security solution that offers the optimal technical and organizational certainty and that is the best match with your modus operandi.