In-house assembly for industrial electronics

We offer in-house assembly for small to medium series and one-off electronics solutions for industrial applications. We use the same high quality standards for assembly as we do for design and testing. Because the development and production of electronics take place in close proximity to each other, there is ample opportunity to discuss and implement design changes.

From design to assembly

As designer and integrator, we are eager to help you rise to even the most difficult challenges. As partners, we will create innovative applications that will work seamlessly with your existing systems. We are able to do the assembly of these applications in house. This means you have a single contact for insight and oversight at each step, from the first design to production of the final result. You always know what to expect.

Clean and safe

The assembly of electronics is in safe hands with us. Assembly takes place in our own, highly secure location to which only our own staff have access, a low-dust room. We package all electronics spotlessly clean, ready for processing in your own cleanroom.

Service and support

Our service continues after delivery of your electronics products. From the first design onwards, we consult proactively with you about the life cycle of electronic solutions, including the deliverability of parts, future upgrades and cost effectiveness. If your electronics are an add-on to existing systems, we will include the life cycle of these systems in our analysis.

High quality and reliable delivery

Our goals when it comes to the assembly of electronic solutions are high quality, rapid production and reliable delivery. The assembly itself is done by screened, internally trained staff, and we also manage the supply chain. In this way, we guarantee quality and ensure the correct delivery of the product.

More information

Would you like to receive more information about our assembly services? Contact Technolution Assembly!

Theo Tieman – Director Science & Industry
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