Technolution Perform develops electronics for industrial applications. Our engineers are specialized in electronics for motion control, security and data processing. In addition, we develop effective solutions for electronics in special circumstances, such as extreme temperatures, dusty environments and difficult atmospheric conditions. Our electronics designs are produced at high quality by trusted production companies with whom we have built a strong relationship.

Embedded software

In embedded systems, we create close interplay between the electronics and the embedded software. The embedded software unlocks the electronics, in some cases with the aid of an operating system. We can develop all the embedded software for you, including the embedded application software that will ensure that the eventual system does what it was made to do.

Embedded systems

Technolution Perform’s multidisciplinary approach results in effective solutions for your industrial machinery. We combine electronics and software with thorough knowledge of physics, and this enables us to meet even the biggest challenges for embedded systems.

In designing and developing your system, we use a highly structured development and testing method: continuous integration (CI) and testing (embedded) software and programmable logic. We work with trusted technology partners and have acquired wide experience in the area of systems engineering.

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