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Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Artificial Intelligence

The great strength of Artificial Intelligence (AI) is pattern recognition. This is why AI is perfectly suited for use in traffic management, as it can learn to dynamically recognize patters in time and space and to anticipate these patterns. Technolution Move is using AI to develop solutions that can help lift your traffic management to a higher level. Our AI applications comply with the strictest privacy legislation and can be easily connected to your traffic management platform.

More than just vehicles

Roadside systems have traditionally focused on monitoring vehicular traffic. But modern traffic policy uses a multimodal approach and looks also at cyclists and pedestrians, for instance. We make roadside equipment and ICT solutions that use AI to measure, monitor and analyze bicycle and pedestrian traffic and concentrations. Like our smart traffic sensors, which can recognize transit patterns through a city. They are able to count cyclists in any given area and measure their travel times and routes. Or the numbers and categories of passengers waiting at a public transport stop, so as to constantly calculate fresh estimates of the expected waiting time. This gives you quick and detailed insight in the flow of unmotorized traffic, for instance in crowded city centers.

New possibilities

Traffic flows are cyclical: they repeat themselves constantly, but each time in a slightly different form. The numbers of traffic participants are huge. With the aid of AI, it is possible to recognize underlying patterns and trends that are otherwise invisible. For example, trends in traffic volume and transit patterns at certain times in your area, or the routes that traffic takes from one part of the city to another. By using this new data to produce scenarios and rules, you can optimize traffic flow in your area even further.



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