CO₂ Performance Ladder and Sustainability

The CO₂ Performance Ladder and Sustainability at Technolution B.V.

This page on the Technolution B.V. website keeps you informed about developments in our corporate CO2 policy. As part of the Corporate Social Responsibility program, we have committed ourselves to the COPerformance Ladder. This instrument helps us to obtain a clearer picture of our CO2 emissions. We have drawn up a COfootprint which charts our principal sources of CO2 emission. The measures we have implemented to reduce our CO2 emissions correspond to the requirements that the SKAO/CO2 Performance Ladder sets for level 5.


Technolution B.V. has calculated the CO2 emissions related to its energy consumption to get more insight in the COemissions per energy flow. This clearer picture of CO2 emissions makes it possible to adopt effective targets. We calculated our CO2 footprint for the first time in 2019, and we will continue to do so every six months.


Technolution B.V. has adopted reduction targets to effectively reduce its CO2 emissions. Reduction measures have been drafted to realize these targets, and they are reviewed for effectiveness every six months.


Every six months, Technolution B.V. communicates publicly about its energy reduction policy on insight, reduction and participation in initiatives.


Technolution B.V. participates actively in initiatives to reduce CO2, both within and outside the sector. The current initiatives it is involved in are https://www.dutchpower.net/ and https://dpgouda.nl/deelnemers/.

For the bi-yearly communication messages (Dutch) about our CO2 reduction policies, please visit the Dutch version of this page.

Contact us for more information about the COPerformance Ladder or visit the SKAO (Foundation for Climate-Friendly Procurement and Business) website at (https://www.skao.nl/en/).