Data-driven traffic management

Every smart mobility solution is based on data. Optimal traffic management begins with knowledge: of the volume, movement and behavior of the various means of transport. Due to innovations such as smart sensors, remote sensing and floating car data, data-driven traffic management is now within reach of every road authority.

What are the possibilities for your region?

Smart mobility requires the integration of information and system intelligence. Analysis of the right data flows yields knowledge and information that you can use to establish effective control of the traffic flows in your region. Technolution Move is developing various innovative, data-driven smart mobility solutions, generally in close collaboration with our clients.

Data-driven road traffic with MobiMaestro

Sensors, measuring loops, cameras and other roadside sources of information generate current data about road traffic, and then there are other relevant data streams, such as meteorological information and shipping data. All these data streams come together in our open traffic management platform MobiMaestro.

Analysis using data science generates unique insight into the traffic flows – of multiple regions and traffic control centers if required. MobiMaestro uses this insight to give reliable advice. It can even autonomously implement pre-created scenarios on the basis of data. It offers you all the tools you need for data-driven traffic management.

This is how MobiMaestro works in practice.

Data-driven bike traffic using the FlowCube

Is it still possible to speak of ‘bike traffic’ as a single category? E-bikes, speed pedelecs, cargo bikes and many other types of bicycle are crowding our roads and bike lanes today. And speed differences between them are on the increase. Yet until recently, it was difficult to obtain reliable data about bike traffic. The innovative FlowCube has changed that.

The FlowCube uses artificial intelligence to monitor bike traffic. If you install multiple, connected FlowCubes, you can even find out what routes cyclists are taking. The FlowCube gives road managers who take bike traffic management seriously all the data they need. NB the FlowCube is fully compliant will all privacy laws and can also be configured for other means of transport, such as pedestrians or public transport.

Data-driven public transport with busprioritization

Public transport becomes a more attractive option if passengers are sure they will arrive at their destination comfortably and quickly. In collaboration with large cities at home and abroad, we are realizing data-driven solutions that prioritize public transport buses and trams at traffic lights, and that give buses temporary priority at events, like we do in Gävle in Sweden.

The data flows include bus timetables, real-time GPS data and iTLC data. Our traffic management platform MobiMaestro has the intelligence required to analyze the various data flows and control the iTLCs. This results in much shorter waiting times for buses and trams at traffic lights, satisfied passengers, and a boost for public transport. And all this without negative consequences for the other means of transport.

A case of practice: Bus prioritization in Oslo

Data-driven vessel traffic management with the Bridge Management System

Inland shippers don’t like waiting before closed bridges; road users don’t like waiting before open bridges. The province of Noord-Holland uses our Bridge Management System (BMS) to balance these conflicting interests. The BMS advises bridge and lock operators about the best moment to operate their bridge or lock. When drawing up its advice, the system takes into account road and waterway traffic volumes, but also any approaching emergency vehicles such as ambulances or fire engines.

The BMS uses many different data sources and itself feeds back information to other systems. This solution is a great example of data-driven, multimodal traffic management that is a product of collaboration between many parties.





Bridge Management System

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