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New registration system for solar panels and wind turbines

At the request of the Dutch power network operators, EDSN, the digital service provider of the the energy market, has launched a new market-facilitating application: CERES. This is the central registration system for energy-producing and energy-using installations. Owners can register their solar panels, wind turbines and other energy installations with CERES. CERES is the result of a close collaboration between EDSN, the network operators and Technolution.

2 june 2020

CERES (Central Registration of System Elements) meets a need of network operators and other energy service companies. They require insight into the locations, capacity and energy production of energy-producing and energy-using installations. More and more homes are fitted with solar panels and/or heat pumps and the number of windmills is steadily increasing as well. This has a great influence on the network load and insight offers the option to anticipate accordingly. The recorded data is crucial to the security and sustainability of the energy system. For installation owners, it is important to know that they will receive the correct compensation (offset) for the energy that they produce.

Close collaboration

The creation of CERES was the result of close collaboration between the network operators, EDSN and Technolution. The seven network operators were represented in the project by a business owner with final responsibility and an epic owner for the daily management. They determined CERES’s functionalities in collaboration with the various stakeholders. The iterative discussions with business analysts, the EDSN product owner and Technolution’s architects resulted in a functional description. The system was eventually realized in a number of increments by SCRUM teams with participants from both EDSN as well as Technolution. CERES is the product of co-creation: a successful type of collaboration for all concerned parties.

Safe and scalable

Owners can enter their data quickly and simply thanks to the CERES’s user-friendly website. The registered data is accessible to the involved parties on the energy market. CERES meets strict security demands, so the privacy of the users is guaranteed.

In order to guarantee a high availability and maximum scalability, Technolution has created CERES with the Cloud solutions of Amazon Web services. REST APIs were used for the interfaces between the different component systems. In the future, the system will provide further access to other interested parties, such as installation companies and project developers.

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