EDSN data platform for market-facilitating

Integrity of the data and consumer privacy must be assured

The Dutch grid operators are working together through Energy Data Services Netherlands (EDSN) to facilitate market competition in the energy sector. The great changes that are taking place in this sector call for cooperation between grid operators, producers, energy suppliers and consumers. EDSN has already laid the basis for a reliable ICT infrastructure where the increasing flows of market data from consumers and suppliers come together. This central infrastructure is the basis for new applications that will provide all stakeholders safely, in an open way, with the information and functionalities they need. Technolution Spark is EDSN’s technology partner.

Technolution Spark and EDSN are working together in multiple teams in an Agile/SAFe partnership which has proved to be highly successful. The process and the applications realized so far were awarded the above average SIG score of 4 stars by the Software Improvement Group for quality and maintainability of the code, and the qualification of ‘market leader’ for process quality.

The power of a cloud platform

The new facilities will only function if data flows from many different sources can be shared safely. To do this, the integrity of the data and consumer privacy must be assured. Technolution Spark and EDSN are therefore developing a powerful cloud platform on the basis of Amazon Web Services (AWS). This cloud platform will be a core feature of almost all applications that are going to be developed. It can be expanded easily and safely by interfaces with new data sources.


CERES is one of the first new market-facilitating applications that Technolution Spark and EDSN have developed together. It is the central registration system for energy-producing and -consuming installations. Owners can register their solar panels, wind turbines and other energy installations easily and quickly on the user-friendly CERES website. The information submitted is then made accessible – with due regard for privacy – to all players on the energy market.

Innovatieve oplossingen voor uw energievoorzieningen

Application development with containers

ROSA facilitates application development for EDSN

The energy transition

A balance between supply of and demand for electricity


New registration system for solar panels and wind turbines

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