When you are going from an existing security solution to high assurance by Technolution Prime, it is important that the transition happens smoothly. This is why we offer migration support to minimize the impact of the transition on your processes and on your users’ activities.

Creating network set-up

Many aspects are at play when choosing new security solutions. For instance: what is the network configuration? What is the required response time in case of a malfunction? Are secure connections going to need a failover that is activated automatically as soon as the connection breaks down? Before and during the migration process, the answers to these and many other questions will help to determine the optimal solution for your specific security situation.

Proxies for data diodes

If you are considering using data diodes, we employ special software (proxies) to ensure that your applications will continue to receive the data they need and to function without disruption. We will evaluate your network infrastructure and applications and map the measures required during the implementation of data diodes. Often, standard proxies will suffice. If specific proxies are required for your infrastructure, we will customize these to suit your requirements.

Network configuration training

The network configuration training we offer can help your operators get to know the chosen solution well. We will go through various network configurations and help to set up one or more specific mesh networks. Additionally, we will demonstrate how a network can be further expanded at a larger point in time. The training session will take place on site at the client, and is intended for staff who will be responsible for installation in your network and for maintenance.

Customization, advice and training

The adaptation or expansion of existing solutions to suit your requirements and wishes can also form part of our migration support package. We are happy to advise about the best ways to effectively secure your infrastructure.

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