Separation of concerns

Technolution Prime’s products and solutions are characterized by focus and simplicity. They are usually focused on a single specific function. We call this separation of concerns. It is a philosophy that offers you straightforward, targeted solutions that you can implement relatively easily in your existing infrastructure. Separation of concerns also ensures that the official assessment of these products will be more effective.

Do one thing and do it well

The PrimeLink 3015 is a good example of separation of concerns. The only thing that the PrimeLink does is create a secure connection between two locations across the open internet. The PrimeLink is relatively simple to use and can be implemented quickly. Because only the essential routing functions have been integrated, the PrimeLink can be deployed in almost any network configuration. Other routing functions are handled by your standard routers. The separation between routing and security increases the user-friendliness and the usability of the PrimeLink. It also enhances security, because routing takes place entirely within the secure network and the PrimeLink can concentrate fully on protection.

Longer lifecycle

Another advantage of separation of concerns is that the Prime solutions have a longer lifecycle than devices that combine several functions in one. By using FPGAs, we can constantly adapt our solutions to new developments, such as new cyberthreats. Separation of concerns means that the impact of these adjustments on your infrastructure will be minimal, so that there is no need to replace the devices.

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