PrimeLink 4010 line encryption device

Integrated high security level

Just like the PrimeLink 3015, the PrimeLink 4010 combines the power and speed of electronics with the flexibility of integrated software to realize a user-friendly secure connection between two locations. The connections are protected at the NLD Secret (Stg. GEHEIM) classification level, the second-highest Dutch classification level. The PrimeLink 4010 is used for point-to-point connections and has a bandwidth of 10 Gbit per second; this makes it particularly suitable for data center applications.

NBV assessed

The security level of the PrimeLink 4010 is officially determined on the basis of an assessment by the Dutch National Communications Security Agency (NBV). The NBV assessment has cleared the PrimeLink 4010 for use by the Dutch government in applications that require the Stg. GEHEIM classification level. The PrimeLink 4010 is also available for private organizations and naturally offers them the same security level.

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