Technolution Prime Control Room of the Future

About Technolution Prime

Technolution Prime offers the newest security solutions that are available on the Dutch market. We are an independent Dutch company, unlisted and not part of any foreign corporation. All our activities are subject to Dutch law, and are outside the sphere of influence of any foreign powers.

Developing cybersecurity solutions often takes years, and the solution is therefore sometimes outdated by the time it reaches the market. We don’t think this is acceptable, and this is why we develop our security products according to a considered vision based on three pillars.

Separation of concerns philosophy

1. A separation of concerns

Technolution Prime’s solutions are always focused strongly on one security aspect. For instance: building a secure connection between two locations. Or: shielding your network against the outside world. This choice means we can focus development fully on optimal efficiency and effectivity.

Programmable logic by Technolution

2. Programmable logic

The technology behind our products is programmable chips. We program – for example – the OpenVPN-NL protocols for secure connection onto these chips. The advantages: high data speeds, very high hacker resistance and enduring flexibility – the software always remains upgradeable.

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