high-speed encryption

for secure connections

Use officially assessed encryption devices to ensure your data connections meet the highest security requirements. PrimeLink line encryptors establish connections across the open internet and other untrusted networks up to and including the NLD Top Secret classification level. Our encryption products have been developed in collaboration with the Dutch government. They offer high data speeds, flexible functionality and easy implementation.

The strength of hardware, the flexibility of software

Create secure connections by installing PrimeLinks between your secure network locations across an untrusted network. Only connected PrimeLinks can decrypt each other’s data, creating a secure tunnel across the internet. Data is encrypted and sent through the tunnel with a bandwidth of up to 10 Gbit/sec.

Within each PrimeLink, there is a reprogrammable FPGA. This makes it possible to implement functional updates and it ensures that the PrimeLink is future proof. Thus, thanks to new firmware (version 2.0), the functionality of the PrimeLink 3015 was extended with quantum resilience (which protects it against hacking by quantum computers), 10G speed and online management.

PrimeLink 3015 offers data encryption with the strength of hardware and the flexibility of software:

The strength of hardware:

  • High-speed encryption and decryption
  • Easy and fast installation, configuration and deployment
  • High level of security because it has isolated components that are strictly separate from the rest of the system

The flexibility of software

  • Functionality can be added through firmware updates
  • Any newly discovered vulnerabilities can be resolved rapidly
  • Strong and growing synergy between PrimeLink products

Technolution Prime’s line encryptors

Technolution Prime makes high-grade line encryptors under the PrimeLink brand. Like all our high-assurance solutions, our devices are based on our ‘separation of concerns’ philosophy: they are developed entirely to perform one specific security task only. This prevents unnecessary risk, keeps costs under control and gives us the flexibility to continue to develop our products and adapt them to our clients’ new requirements. And thanks to the built-in FPGA technology, existing new functionality can be added easily to existing PrimeLinks.

All our PrimeLinks have been cleared by the Dutch National Communications Security Agency (NBV).

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