PrimeDiode 3010 data diode

The PrimeDiode is a high-assurance data diode at the NLD Secret (Stg. GEHEIM) classification level. It makes it possible to establish complete control over the data flows from and into a network. The PrimeDiode allows data to pass through in one direction, while completely preventing any communication in the opposite direction.

Simple separation of networks

The PrimeDiode 3010 is a fast, reliable and cost-effective solution for domain separation/network separation.

Network confidentiality with PrimeDiode 3010:
No external data traffic

If it is necessary to prevent any external communication of data from within a network, while allowing the network to accept data from the outside, the PrimeDiode 3010 can guarantee confidentiality. The network can receive any data required, but will prevent any data from being transmitted externally.

Typical use cases:

  • data import
  • video feeds and sensor data
  • internet and email
  • updates
  • communication tapping

Network integrity with PrimeDiode 3010:
No inward data traffic

Technolution PrimeDiode 3010 datadiode for NLD Secret

Sometimes a network requires maximum protection against unwanted intruders, malware or cyberattacks. In this case, the PrimeDiode can shield the network entirely against any incoming data, while continuing to allow outward data transmission from the network.

Typical use cases:

  • network monitoring
  • event monitoring & logging
  • controlled releases
  • data sharing

Proxy software

When implementing a data diode it is important not to affect the functioning of existing applications, so as to ensure that your users experience minimal disruption. For software applications that require two-way data, the installation of so-called proxies can be a great solution. These proxies ensure that the applications receive the required return data. We supply a number of standard proxies with the PrimeDiode, and can also develop customized proxies if your infrastructure requires it.

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