PrimeDiode 5001: compact, fast data diode that can be used to create effective domain separation.

PrimeDiode 5001/5010


Compact data diode for NLD TOP SECRET

The PrimeDiode 5001/5010 is a extremely reliable data diode that can be used to create effective domain separation. Using hardware-based separation, this data diode guarantees one-way traffic from a data connection between two domains. The one-way data traffic travels at speeds of 1G (PrimeDiode 5001) or 10G (PrimeDiode 5010).

The PrimeDiode 5001/5010 is cleared for classification level NLD TOP SECRET. It can be used to realize two important goals:

  • Confidentiality
    Prevent data leakage from confidential domains with the PrimeDiode 5001/5010.
  • Integrity
    Protect your domain against intruders and outside attacks with the PrimeDiode 5001/5010.
PrimeDiode 5001

Compact casing

The PrimeDiode 5001/5010 has been designed with optimal usability in mind, and it shows, in the compact casing. The casing is so small that you can place up to 12 PrimeDiodes 5001/5010 in one 2U rack. This means the PrimeDiode 5001/5010 is very well suited for environments with many domain separations and limited space.

Flexibility thanks to microproxies

Domain separation using a data diode can affect your applications. This is why we are supporting the implementation of the PrimeDiode 5001/5010 with proxy software called PrimeDocks. PrimeDocks facilitates the correct functioning of applications in cases of domain separation. It can encompass various functionalities, including a virus scan, the filtering or converting of data.

A unique feature of the PrimeDiode 5001/5010 are integrated microproxies: simple proxy software protocols that further increase the usability of the PrimeDiode 5001/5010.

For instance, a TCP microproxy can ensure that other devices have a reliable connection with the PrimeDiode 5001/5010. This allows you to run other proxy software in a virtualized environment. Extra hardware for the proxy software is no longer needed, saving you even more space. In addition, a TCP microproxy enhances the reliability of data transfer across the domain separation.

These and other microproxies will be available shortly. If you have specific requirements for microproxies, don’t hesitate to contact us. We will be happy to tell you more about the possibilities.

The advantages of the PrimeDiode 5001/5010:

  • Can be used for all classification levels up to and including NLD TOP SECRET
  • Compact – up to 12 diodes in a 2U rack
  • Cost-effective
  • High-speed
  • Low-latency (less than 1 microsecond)
  • Vibration and shock proof

Prepared for microproxies

  • TCP microproxies make virtualized proxies possible
  • Use NTP or PTP microproxies for accurate time (< 10 us)
  • We develop custom-made microproxies (will require NBV clearance)

PrimeDiode 3010

Data diode
NLD Secret (NBV-cleared)


Development and management platform of software proxies

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