Programmable logic

If the security of your data is at stake, you want to be certain that you have the most modern and most recent tools and protocols. Due to their short development times, Technolution Prime’s products and solutions are state of the art and can protect against current threats. Development times are short because we use programmable logic and FPGAs (programmable chips).


A Field-Programmable Gate Array (FPGA) is a chip on which we implement logical functions using VHDL, a special programming language. FPGAs are fast and are just as safe and robust as ‘normal’ chips. By converting software protocols into FPGA hardware, the protocols are shielded almost entirely against cyber threats. Our PrimeLink 3015, for example, uses FPGAs to safely and quickly implement the OpenVPN-NL protocol for secure connections. In the PrimeDiode, which creates a one-way data connection, FPGAs facilitate features that are unrivalled in the market.

Structured system

In building and testing our FPGA-based solutions, we use an approach that is closely reminiscent of software development. We work with a structured development and testing system that has maximum repeatability; continuous integration (CI) and testing of (embedded) software and programmable logic. All building and testing steps are recorded, scripted and automated as much as possible, in strongly secure environments, so that they remain repeatable and verifiable even after a longer period of time. This is very practical: if you ever require the adaptation or extension of your unique tailor-made solution, we have the current design to build on.

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