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We offer more for the security of your digital infrastructure than just the development and implementation of a High Assurance solution. For maximum effectiveness and security, we provide all necessary technical and functional support. With migration support and training, we will make sure the implementation into your organization is a smooth process. In addition, we also provide appropriate custom support. Do you have specific needs? We will provide an appropriate service solution.

Migration support

It is important that the implementation of your High Assurance solution into your organization is a smooth process. As project organization, we have a lot of experience with turn-key projects and the migration of critical infrastructure. It is this expertise and experience that enables us to provide thoughtful migration support. The impact on your processes and your employee’s activities is therefore only minimal. The adaptation of expansion of existing security solutions can also be included in the migration support. Read more about our migration support.

Support – on site and remotely

Expert, screened employees offer support for you Prime solutions. This allows your managers to be able to rely on reliable help and adequate handling of user notifications. Our service desk is available to you with remote support. For situations that cannot be dealt with remotely, we will help you on site. When you have signed an extensive support contract, we aim to process any notifications within a four hour time limit.

Product training

Your employees can get to know everything there is to know about our solutions by following our custom training courses. We do not only take the time to teach you the ins and outs of Prime products, but also provide on site help with the configuration of your system. Naturally, we also demonstrate how your secured network can be adjusted further to new circumstances at a later stage.

Specific cross domain training

Data filters and/or data diodes, such as the PrimeCross and the PrimeDiode, have consequences for the data exchange between your network domains. Management and support of such cross domain solutions require specific expertise and skills.

We offer special training for cross domain solutions. In addition, we will train your employees in the development and configuration of proxy software for data handlers and protocol handlers to be used in cross domain solutions.

Backing, support and custom training

Do you have specific needs in terms of backing, support, and/or training? We would love to provide with an appropriate custom offer with clear service level agreements. Please feel free to contact us for more information.


Migration support


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