OpenVPN-NL is an improved version of the OpenVPN protocol, approved by the Dutch authorities for security at the Departementaal Vertrouwelijk (‘official, confidential’) classification level.

Implementation specialist

We are happy to advise you on the implementation of OpenVPN-NL in your organization. Technolution Prime’s engineers know every detail of the OpenVPN-NL application. We have successfully implemented the protocol in our line encryption tools, as well as in the mobile Android platform. Technolution Prime’s expertise means that you can be certain that the implementation of OpenVPN-NL in your infrastructure will offer maximum security.

Hardware implementation enhances the security of OpenVPN-NL

We implemented crucial components of this software protocol on the programmable chips (FPGAs) of the PrimeLink 3015 line encryption tool. This hardware implementation further enhances the security of OpenVPN-NL. In addition, the PrimeLink offers higher speeds than traditional software implementations of the protocol (1 Gbps and 10 Gbps).

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