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PrimeLink 5001

Line encryptor for high classification levels  

User-friendly and versatile

Use the PrimeLink 5001 to create safe connections rapidly and easily. This IP line encryptor for high classification levels combines great user-friendliness with centralized control. Management and configuration are user-friendly thanks to the graphical management interface. The optimized key plan makes deployment and stock control simple and clear. The PrimeLink 5001 is suited for almost all network configurations.

State of the art encryption

The PrimeLink 5001 has its place within a modern crypto strategy for information-driven organizations that work with classified information. It offers state of the art data encryption designed for the highest classification levels. Moreover, the PrimeLink 5001 is quantum resistant. It protects your connections against future attacks by quantum computers.

Simple centralized control

The Management Server enables your operators to create secure connections quickly and easily. The management system has a clear graphical interface and automatically generates network configurations and IP routing tables. Deployment is simple too: the network configuration selected is automatically distributed to all PrimeLinks in your network.

Supervising key and stock management

Once you have received the initial delivery of keys and devices, interaction with the National Distribution Authority (NDA) will be at a minimum. Key management can be done in-house, giving you optimal control over the deployment of your PrimeLinks. You could keep PrimeLink 5001s in stock and assign them to domains whenever you need them.

The PrimeLink 5001 ecosystem

Management Server (MS)

Management and configuration of secure connections. Control your PrimeLink 5001 Crypto Units remotely.

Crypto Unit (CU)

PrimeLink 5001 units that create secure connections. A network configuration consists of at least two CUs -units.

Key Server (KS)

Dedicated PrimeLink 5001 that establishes the connection between the MS and the CUs in a network.

The management environment can be set up in different ways. Our advice is to deploy at least two Key Servers, one Management Server, and two Management Crypto Units. For maximum security, create a double management environment with two Key Servers, two Management Servers, and four Management Crypto Units.

More information about the set up of a management environment?

Recommended use and classification levels

The PrimeLink 5001 is currently being evaluated by the National Communications Security Agency (NBV). The recommended use and permitted classification levels will soon be published.

PrimeLink 3015+

Line encryptor up to 10G, NLD Restricted, quantum resilient, online management, many network configuration.

PrimeLink 4010

Point-to-point line encryptor, NLD Top Secret, for data centers.

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